please, leave your comments here! How do you like this street-scene?

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  1. Sigurd

    Summer in the city! I totally love it: backlight is a wonderful stylistic device for those who are capable of managing it. Great work.

  2. You have had better, I must say. Seems to me like there is too much on the right and a gap on the left. Usually your photos are „balanced“ :)) But still – the best photo blog there is…

  3. grapf

    Thank you a lot, Czech, I agree: this could have been 2 images. One of the left third and one of the right two thirds.
    But I like the unbalanced, too ;-)

    Sigurd, thanks a lot for your nice words!

  4. portyqui

    My first thought was „be silent and enjoy“. But I’ll note the following:

    The leftmost woman and the right-top region match very well together. :D


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