1. sehr cool, ist das OstX

    Comment by Jörg Engelbrecht @ 28. Februar 2011 | Link

  2. wie oft bin ich da schon durch…sehr schön

    Comment by ellafee @ 28. Februar 2011 | Link

  3. Klasse ! Fantastisches Licht und tolles sw.

    Comment by Rainer Lutter @ 28. Februar 2011 | Link

  4. Das ist Yorckstraße.

    Comment by Socke @ 3. März 2011 | Link

  5. I agree that black and white is best for a dark setting. It would be interesting to see both options though. A side by side before and after, or a color shot next to a black and white of the same scene.
    As always, I enjoy looking at your work.

    Comment by Wendy @ 4. März 2011 | Link

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