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  1. Walter

    This building reminds me of two different places here in the United States. The first place that came to mind is the former warehouse in Oakland, California. That building was reclaimed about 10 years ago and turned into very nice loft apartments. I would pass that building every day on the way home from work and fantasize about living there.
    The other building is in Alabama, a former cotton mill. The company was sold to Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Co., who shut it down and moved the business to Mexico. Now the building stands vacant and there are thousands of good people in Alabama out of work.
    That makes me wonder what used to be here when it was first built. It must have been a very ambitious construction project. And I wonder what will become of it?

  2. Probably it reminds different people on different things.
    When I look at it it reminds me on the buildings at Water Street in New-York-Brooklyn between Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. Even what I see of the street looks similar to the pavement of Water Street.

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